Summer 2012 Chronicle of the Yellow Wallpaper

my descent into madness

Month: May, 2012

cheap drawing tablet is working!

Rejoice, world! My fitty dollar drawing pad is working! And it’s so much fun!

Naturally, I played around for a little while with it before starting the yellow wallpaper bidness. So I drew my sister as a penguin and then tried to make an ocean and finally realized I probably should work on this.


I was just kind of messing around with the style I want to go for for the animation. I know I said before that I wanted to have multiple styles in the movie, but I realized I was getting unrealistically ambitious abotu this project.  One thing I am thinking of doing is referencing artworks or even pop culture throughout the piece. In this maybe-future credit slide I have Wyeth’s painting Christina’s World as the woman.  The original painting (shown below) is a painting of a woman who had a degenerative muscular disorder and lost her ability to walk.

Instead of using a wheelchair, she crawled around her house.  I used this painting as a reference for Jane since not only it was an image of a crawling woman, but because both of these woman lack mobility in different ways. One is physically ill while the other is mentally ill, but these illnesses (as well as societal factors for Jane) prevent them from being fully free. I like the idea of incorporating even a lot of external references (which I’d probably have to do research on) because it could add an interesting meaning to the original text and it would make depression less depressing for me to work on all summer..

Zat is all. I am going to storyboard all night tonight probably.

Lastly, I am getting so sick of yellow. And I haven’t even started on the actual project yet.

goghing goghing gone

I am currently messing around with watercolors (which I got with a coupon at hobs lobs but was still expensive…oops..) and painting how I imagine the room to look like. Well, i accidentally started painting Jane without thinking too much and she just looks like the Ring girl.

Besides her though, after I started painting I was inspired by the painting by Van Gogh “The Bedroom” – I really like his style and brushstroke a lot, and I would like to incorporate that textured look into my animation as well. I also like the kind of slightly skewed perspective which takes away the normalcy of the image. The colors do that too in all of Van Gogh’s paintings are very vibrant and textured which is another thing I aim for. I also love the absinthe colors in this painting as well as many of his other paintings which is kind of hte yellow-green color I want in my animation.

I have also been on the look out for gaudy wallpaper patterns that I want to use. Preferably something that kind of looks like Rorschach inkblots but Victorian looking.

favorite so far

Alright that’s all I have for today, I’ll probably scan the watercolor practices that I’ve done today later. I am also planning on having a gradual descent into madness during this project so that I can become famous and stuff. Expect my ear in a box, ex-boyfriend…

Here is an unfinished watercolor. I don’t like it that much but I do like the colors and the texture of the wall (which aren’t super accurate in the scanned image). I also like the idea of making Jane black and white while everything else is in color, and at the climax of the story I want her to have the same print as the wallpaper.  Her proportions are off and I might want to make her look more 1900s. I also am playing around with the idea of morphing her from an adult into a child and back. Not sure yet though.

Why are you here

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This blog is mostly just for me to research and document my creative process for my independent summer project (RTF 336), which is going to be an animation adaptation of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story “The Yellow Wallpaper.” So I am basically just going to post creepy pictures on here of crazy ladies. Bye!