ghost hunters

by hyperpolysyllabicsesquipedalianist

I am trying desperately to film inside the Littlefield Home for my project! I think it’s now a corporate building for UT (allegedly.) and it’s difficult to get ahold of the lady that gives permission for stuff like this. I think there’s a giant conspiracy since the house is rumored to be haunted.

Not only is the house the right type of Victorian Gothic architecture I want, but it also has this history which is eerily similar to the story of my animation. One story that is circulated is that the wife of the owner was “a depressed, agoraphobic woman who slowly went insane later on in her life” (not plagiarizing).  There’s also another story that she was locked up in the attic by her husband to protect her from Yankees who didn’t know that the Civil War was over. She ended up languishing in the attic and being attacked by bats, and it’s rumored that her screams are still heard. I am peeing my pants right now even typing this actually.

Also, the house was built in 1894 and the Yellow Wallpaper was published in 1892.  The woman also had painted some artwork in the house, which is interesting since Jane, the protagonist in YW, is a creative individual as well.

It’s creepily similar how the stories match up, especially since I am trying to have a lot of references to other stories inside my animation. So. I just HAVE to film inside this house. I kind of feel like the dumb teenager in horror movies though but it will totally be worth it I think.

The picture that I found of Alice Littlefield is kind of how I want Jane to look, but in an animation it will be different of course. I am also not thinking about revealing her face until after Jane becomes the woman in the wallpaper.