updates and shot list (so far)

by hyperpolysyllabicsesquipedalianist

Overall Look/Feel of the project as of now.


  • watercolor-y, messy paint, highly textured
  • duller tones for other colors, emphasis on the wallpaper and yellow in general OR using only white/black for background and vibrant colors for Jane and the wallpaper, windows, other objects of importance
  • increasingly jittery/shaky animation as it progresses, eventually become abstract paintings that have flashes of reality (or rather her reality)
  • journal entries being written into the scene (i’m not sure of the logistics of this one yet)
Sound Design
  • piano music in background? i need to find someone who composes stuff like this. it would start out at a slow tempo and at the end it would be a high tempo jazz
  • or pop music/unrelated to the century/time. i feel like that would give it a more funkiness to it which could be fun.
  • if I do narration though, i would want something more minimalistic.
  • i also want the sounds of her going insane in the room – ripping, chewing, breaking, etc.
  • sounds of other details that i can’t include as visuals or narration such as the baby crying, wind/ghostly noises, ticking of a clock, etc.
  • goal – never mention word ‘wallpaper’

Shot List

  • ES- Dollhouse (allusion to Ibsen’s Dollhouse)
  • Pan into dollhouse
  • MS of Bars out of focus with Jane in the background only seen through the gaps
  • MS of Jane writing
  • CU of writing – words are written on screen (as opposed to narration…still debating about this.) – she would be talking about her husband John in this entry and her ‘condition’.
  • words are being written into the scene
  • CU of various pill bottles neatly stacked (panning across)
  • MS of windows/ overlay of her writing about them being barred for children
  • LS inside of room from perspective of window (based on Van Gogh’s Bedroom painting)
  • MS of floor on ground level – with her foot tapping in the BG
  • CU of scratches (“scratched and gouged and splintered”)
  • LS of bed
  • CU of nails holding down bed and bite marks
  • small montage of MS and CU of wallpaper. Show tears/ evidence of handprints/ movement within the wallpaper
  • MS silhouette of Jane with wallpaper in BG as it evolves into different shapes  (Rorshach inkblots)
    • “recurrent spot where the pattern lolls like a broken neck and two bulbous eyes stare at you upside down…” (5)
    • “strange, provoking, formless sort of figure” that “skulk[s]” behind
    • bats that fly away –> reference to Alice Littlefield (if we shoot in Littlefield house?)
  • CU of wallpaper evolving
  • _____________


  • should the whole story be shown?
  • does the whole story need to be understood by all viewers?
  • how much abstraction of the story should be done?
  • writing vs. narration
  • how to incorporate references

References/ inspirations?

  1. the awakening
  2. dollhouse
  3. story of an hour
  4. wyeth’s painting – christine’s world
  5. van gogh – bedroom
  6. the bell jar
  7. ophelia
  8. wuthering
  9. a room of one’s own – virginia woolf
  10. antigone
  11. macbeth
  12. there’s a certain slant of light – emily dickinson
  13. munsch scream painting
  14. melancholia?
  15. zora neale hurston?
  16. anne sexton -http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/wallflower-2/
  17. Littlefield story

…will come back to this later!