the dris kill shoot

by hyperpolysyllabicsesquipedalianist

Apparently any old famous place in Austin is haunted. This lady from the lobby kept talking about orbs on their video tapes. I am scurrrred mama.

Well, I shot at Driskill finally with my actress. I was sort of disappointed with the size and look of the room – it wasn’t very Victorian and it was also pretty tiny compared to what I had imagined.  I might want to reshoot some scenes and also footage of a Victorian house (12th and windsor?/Littlefield exterior?).

Fortunately, however, my actress was great and had the creepy crawl that I imagined in my head. I felt eerie just looking at my 1 in the morning in the dark. Insanity is imminent…

Anyway, I want to post the 20 minutes of the very rough edit I made with shots that I might use. I’m not sure if my non-premium vimeo account will let me. My favorites were some of her crawling, this one shot where she is shaking a sheer curtain from behind, and my last shot with her picking up the “pill bottles.”

What I had used for the wallpaper was gift wrap with Hannah Montana’s face all over it which started to look creepier and creepier to me as time went on (The Hannah Montana Gift Wrap: A Modern Retelling of “The Yellow Wallpaper”). It didn’t have the right thickness as wallpaper which is sort of an issue but might also not even be important.

Since I don’t have much experience with actors, I wanted to just note down a few things that I realized I did that was annoying…

  • -Instead of telling her what to do, I would ask it. So every sentence started with a “Can you…?” I should be more assertive. But also, I don’t think it’s bad to ask sometimes, it’s just a waste of time.
  • -Have a legitimate shot list. Not my scribblings of a mad lady (which I will scan and put up cuz it’s ridiculous). Although I didn’t even take out any paper and did it in a more intuitive way as I just went along, it might have saved me some time to have a good shot list. I just really hate shot lists.


  • -I should have used just one lense the entire time. Changing lenses was unnecessary and a bitch to do all the time.
  • -Be quicker with the tripod. I had the urge to get rid of it the entire time but it is a necessary evil for this project.

Other than that though, I think the shoot went fine. I wish the room was bigger and we had more time so I could have gotten more coverage more easily. But issss okay. I’ll live.

I am shooting today methinks, I think I might just knock on people’s doors but perhaps people don’t like strange ladies with cameras knocking on their doors?