Summer 2012 Chronicle of the Yellow Wallpaper

my descent into madness

Month: July, 2012


Opening Shot of House

I did this one in Photoshop, but it’s not animated yet. I think i’ll mess around with turning on the lights and tracing the lines again to givei t that same jittery effect. I wanted half of it to appear to be a dollhouse and the other half to look like the house described in the novel. This is probably my favorite part of the whole thing. I love Photoshop so much more in comparison to Flash, but it’s just terrible for animating usually.


this took two days straight for about 7 seconds.

first clip

I tried to do something somewhat simple for my first clip – so this is just hands scratching the wall. The colors obviously won’t be the same. In total, this is 36 frames that I drew (but 9 seconds since it is spread apart). I am using 18 fps. Even this simple one took me foooorever. I’m not sure what I’ll actually do about the fills either -so far I’m just doing Flash solid fills but I kind of want to paint shadows, etc. We’lll seeee.

the long and winding rooooad

Rotoscoping takes forever. And I have been neglecting my project for the last few days because of an impending Differential Equations exam.

I tried rotoscoping in Photoshop because I started to get really bummed out with how Flash looked and how painting over it didn’t look as good as I wanted. But after messing around with PS, I realized that Flash was the best program for this in terms of simplicity. However, I still need to paint my backgrounds which will be done in PS. I still am considering trying to roto in AE instead of Flash and doing the whole thing in PS and AE. I’ll post my crappy 10 frames of PS animation, it just is not meant for animation. Maybe if I had a lot more time it could be possible.

So right now, I’m just struggling with time management. I think I’m just not going to sleep this week. Blarghblarughaldugheioafjndka. I keep kidding about going insane during this project btu it is becoming more likely as it (sort of ) progresses.