Done with rotoscoping!!!!! (okay, kind of)

by hyperpolysyllabicsesquipedalianist

Well right now I have gone through an estimated 1700 frames more or less. I am so sleeeepy. I still have two different clips that I haven’t done. One of them I need to find the clip again since somehow it did not get saved to its folder, and the other I had a lot of trouble with. It was the shot of the woman behind the wallpaper, except I video-ed it of my actress behind a sheer curtain which was INCREDIBLY hard to try to rotoscope. I am considering not fully rotoscoping it, but utilizing it in a video format with overlays and other drawn elements. I might try one more time to rotoscope it so it looks more uniform. The clip I can’t find is a relatively easy one, just her lying in bed for a few seconds.

My next step after this is to fill in all of the clips. I really, really, really hope that won’t take too long. I don’t know if it would have been better to do that as I went along or in one big sweeeeep. One of the most important takeaways for this project for me has been realizing the importance of audiobooks in doing tedious tasks. This week I have “read” the first Hitchhiker’s Guide, Bossypants by Tina Fey, A Modest Proposal, part of 1984, and I’m currently trying to listen to the Hobbit again. Right now, gollum is talking so I might just be too scared to sleep tonight which is perfect! Although I think I need to get up early in the morning to see my aunt. Ugh.

My goal was to be done by Thursday. It is Thursday. GAH. I will try to get at least all the fills done by today, and maybe if there is time in the night I will do the wallpaper animation.

I’m most worried about the wallpaper animation because it is a detrimental aspect of my project. If I don’t have a good wallpaper animation, the rest of the story won’t make sense at all and I will have done all of this work for nothing. I might even spend a whole day on it if needed.


  1. Find and finish Bed clip, and maybe attempt the lady behind the wallpaper clip again although that might be able to fix with AE. (This will take maybe about 2 hours at most)
  2. Fill all clips that aren’t filled and fix small things in each clip. (I have absolutely no estimate for this. I am hoping less than 5 hours).
  3. Do wallpaper animation. (I am estimating I need a couple of hours for this, hopefully not more than 4, but these things take a while…)
  4. Draw 28 different backgrounds/floors for every clip in Photoshop. Some can be the same just skewed so this is an overestimate. (This might take 2 days, not sure.)
  5. Draw props in Photoshop. (Bed, Desk, Chair, Some chains, a noose,….this suddenly got too morbid…)
  6. Find textures I want to use.
  7. Put each clip in AE and make ’em look so awesome that this was all worth it.
  8. Put them all together in Final Cut.

I wish I was a southern christian woman sometimes so that I could say “oh lawd, give me strength!” and maybe it would actually work. Aint no rest for the sacrilegious. I’m starting to ramble and say weird things so I should stop typing. I might sleep and just wake up when the mother does tomorrow. NIGHT.