Before september before september!

by hyperpolysyllabicsesquipedalianist

The fills took a long time to do, but mostly because of my stupidity. I wish I had just filled them in as I went along but I think impatience took over then. But they are done!

Today I worked on the backgrounds, but I am having a hard time. Drawing in photoshop is difficult for me since everything is looking really cartoonish or just crappy. I want tohave the background be somewhat whimsical and impressionistic but realistic and not distracting. I tried just doing basic desks and chairs and the wallpaper today, but I found myself getting nowhere. Well, except iwth the wallpaper I am mostly tracing wallpaper patterns and copy/pasting them as a print. Then I’m going to make the wallpaper look decayed and antiquated with a rotting yellow color.

I’m most excited about the AfterEffects part which has yet to come. I’m also scared since I’m not proficient by any means in AfterEffects, but I want to be.

Today I’ll put together a rough animation of the piece thus far, using video clips for the things I don’t know how to include such as the bottles and the curtains clips.


Here are some photoshop tutorials for digital paintings that might help me: –> THIS! I need this so bad.


Freehand drawing on photoshop is difficult ofr me unless it looks cartoonish! I am also used to tracing things now…blah. I should just practice more and also be more satisfied with some things that look okay, but not what I want.

School’s starting tomorrow. I need to get this done before Saturday! Coffee shop for hours and hours and hours tomorrow! OH LAWD GIMME STRENTH!