A large chunk of missing time

My goal for this blog was to obsessively track my process. However, I just needed to finish my project ASAP and decided to not track it at all.

But it’s done! You can see it HERE.

From the last post to this post, a lot has happened obviously. The backgrounds took me a long time to do since I had to make around 30 of them in photoshop and include the props too. Patrick had helped me begin the AfterEffects process. He compiled some of the animations and backgrounds I had in the program and through him, I became more familiar with the program. I spent about a week adding new effects and shadows in AfterEffects, and a couple days ago I finally finished all the clips. I then put them in Final Cut in the order of my edited video I had gotten these clips from.

My biggest regret of the project is the wallpaper animation. I wish I had done something more creative with it and maybe invested more time in that aspect of it. What I originally had wanted to do was create shapes out of the wallpaper print, but since I was running out of time and I did not know how to do that, I had stuck with the shadow in the wall of the wallpaper.  I also regret not using two different actresses playing off each other so that there would have been more interaction with what should have been two different characters.

Smaller regrets include minor AfterEffects problems that bother me each time I see it. And not having more paper rolling around in the last few clips. And I wish the last clip lingered a bit longer.


On a more positive non-regretful note, one of my favorite parts of the project was the sound design. At first, I was just going to use Animal Collective with some sound effects. But as I began working on the project, I began to think of a more distinct style I wanted to achieve. My stylistic inspiration was old 50s style TV. I added lots of grain and decided that I wanted to do insert old commercials that had a clear gender role distinction in them. It was especially easy to find cosmetic commercials and I also found a doll commercial. They all worked out very perfectly and I enjoyed layering the sounds in places that fit well. Weirdly worded sentence, but I am running out of time to write this.

I might show this in the BDP Showcase soon for DA&M. I might also change a few things that one of my mentors suggested. We’ll see!